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Spring Term 2019


Having spent the first term delving into History, we now move on to Geography as we venture into the rainforests.

 One of our first art activities was to study the work of Eric Carle. We looked at how he create ddifferent textures and considered how we could do the same. on large sheets of sugar paper we used a variety of tools such as: the end of a glue spreader, paintbrushes, sponges and serrated cardboard to create our prints. Next we had to choose an animal from the rainforest and recreate in the correct style. Although we made a huge mess, we had a great time and have ended up with some amazing pieces of art. Here are sone of them.



Autumn Term 2018



Welcome back to a new term in Class Saturn. We will be starting the year by learning about WWI and WWII. The children have already created some excellent art work drawing an image and using a camouflage back ground.

 The children have been working hard on their war topic and have done some beautiful artwork based around Remembrance Day. FIrst they created an image and coloured it in, next on tracing paper they copied out In Flander's Field. Here are just a couple of examples.


 As part of our topic, we have also looked at the lives of evacuees in England. We worked in groups and carried out our own research and presented them using tags to create a poster. Here are a couple of ours.

 In art, we have been studying faces and how to draw an accurate portrait. We put these skills to work by recreating an image from 'The boy in the striped pyjamas.' Here is an example of their finished work. As you can the see the children did incredibly well.

 In English, the children have been learning about flashback stories. They have planned and written a stroy about a soldier returning from the war and are having a party held for them. During the party, the soldier has flashbacks to his time in the war. They have worked hard to create events in the party which could lead to a flashback.