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As part of Geography, we had to understand directions. We created our own treasure maps, then we added a hidden treasure. Finally, we had to map the route from the ship to the treasure.

We have also used our ICT skills. We researched famous pirates and then had to create a powerpoint, with hyperlinks, to connect the information. The children worked really hard on these.


As part of our topic, we have been designing and creating some 3D models of pirate ships. Here are some of our amazing designs.



Welcome to our Rogues Gallery of Wanted Villains and pirates

the children first aged the paper before creating their own pirate name and list of crimes they had 'committed'.

Avast Me Hearties!

We are now leaving the dinosaurs well and truly in the past and are now heading out to sail the seven seas as our new topic is Pirates.




Welcome back to a roaring new year, where we venture into the long distant past and take a look at dinosaurs and Early Man.

We have already completed some group research when we were given true or false statements about dinosaurs and had to discover the answers.

we have also just enjoyed an amazing wow day where we got to meet a T-Rex, go fossil hunting and use clay to create our own dinosaur eyes. Below are a few pictures of our excitign day.



Watch this space for the final dinosaur eye pictures when we have added some colour to them.

And here are just a few of the finished dinosaur eyes created in class Saturn.


We have also looked at how our planet has changed over millions of years due to the tectonic plates moving. We discovered that when the Earth was made we had only one land mass called Pangea and we watched an animation which showed us how the Earth has changed since then.



Greetings from Saturn, Earthlings!

The children in class Saturn are busy rehearsing their assembly and look forward to performing it for their family and friends. A quick reminder that their performance will be on Wednesday 29th November at 9:30am.  

This year we are starting the school year by looking at Space. Here are a few displays the children will have for inspiration as the term starts.

We are also looking at light in science.

we also have  a display showing the children's work from Changeover Day when we looked at the poem 'My Friend's Orange'

We have settled in well to the new school year and have already began looking at our space topic. We have looked at the order of the planets in our Solar System and written some mnemonics to help us to remember. Here are a few of them.

Our artist focus for this term has been Peter Thorpe. We have analysed his work and been inspired to create our own. We used pastels and templates to create our version using a layering technique. Here are some of ours.

In science, we looked at the phases of the moon. To show these in our books we used Oreos.