Welcome to Saturn Class!

We are looking forward to a new term it's looking delicious. This term we are learning about chocolate.

We have been making own own chocolate creations in preparation for our visit from Mr Hansen then chocolatier. Have a look at some of our delicious chocolate bars:

In Maths we have been applying our multiplication skills and understanding of scaling to scale up and scale down pictures of chocolate bars to given ratios:

In Geography we have been finding out about chocolate consumption around the world. One group even created a bar chart out of chocolate! Have a look below:


Welcome back to a new academic year. We are excited to get started on our new topic- Under the Sea.

We hd an amazing time during our visit to The Deep, we particlarly enjoyed our workshop finding out which predator killed the parrot fish and finding out how a fish tank is set up. Have a look at some of the photographs

For more photographs have a look at this powerpoint. CLICK HERE 

In IT we have been creating under the sea pictures. We used a range of skills including: copy, paste, cropping, background removal and photo editing. Have a look at some of our under the sea scenes.

We have been working on our map skills. We have explored the seas and oceans of the world and labelled them on a world map. We also used longditude and latitude to identify seas and oceans on a map. Finally we learnt about contour lines- we were given an island map with contour lines and we have to transfer this information into a relief map- have a look at our work:

In Maths we have been finding out about equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. We then created a fish scene- we were given hooks with fractions on and we had to draw fish with equivalent decimals and percentages written on. Have a look at our work:

In Science we have been studying classification of animals, animal habitats and life cycles. Have a look at our science work:

We watch a clip of The Ugly Bug Ball. We then completed some work as if we were hosting an Invertebrate Ball.  Some of us drew what the ball would look liked and labelled the different classifications of invertebrates, others created a guest list and a group worked with Miss Perkins to write a song to the same tune as the ugly bug ball song. Watch the original song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utWrIWq2_tk



We have also been researching and comparing the life cycles of different animals found in and around the sea. Have a look at our work: