Welcome to the school council webpage. In the school council we have two members from each class. We work hard to make positive changes to our schools.

This year our key focuses have been:

  • Improving healthy food in our school
  • Organising fundraising events
  • Improving the playground equipment in our school.


We have introduced Tasty Tuck into our school. Tasty tuck provides a healthy alternative at break time. From raising and sunflower seed to apple crisps and mango rolls. Tasty Tuck is delicious! We are also responsible for selling Tasty Tuck on a weekly rota.

We have organised several fundraising events. Organising the Child in Need non uniform day and the 'Hunt the spot' activity was great fun!

After speaking to other members of our classes, it became clear that there was a problem with teh quality and amount of play equipment available on the playground to use at break and lunch time. We got togther with Miss Perkins and the Playground Equipment monitors and ordered some new play equipment.

We are proud to be representative of our school. We meet with important visitors and attend the war memorial for Rememberence day.


If you have any suggestion or ideas for the school council- please speak to your class representative.