St George and the Dragon

St George (powerpoint) 

Every year we celebrate St George's Day (23rd April) and carry out a special PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) project, which we link to St George.

On the side of our school we have a large mural showing St George fighting with the dragon - this was created by the children working with an artist. In the story, the dragon stands for greed, destruction, intolerance, fear and cruelty; but George stands for kindness, peace, courage, bravery and justice. You can see these words on the mural too. 


This year we explored how St George stood up to the bullying made by Diocletian (the Roman Emporer) when Diocletian wanted George to kill Christians.

·         We discussed how it can be hard to stand up to bullies and bullying, but it is possible.

·         We discussed what we thought bullying is, and came up with a definition.

·         We created posters, adverts and other pieces of work linked to anti-bullying



We carried out lots of exciting activities linked to celebrating different cultures and discovering how we can play our part in ensuring there is no discrimination. We:

  • Explored other countries and cultures that believe in the legend of St George
  • Celebrated Chinese New Year (and exploring other dragons!)
  • Discussed what 'discrimination' means and how we can contribute to stopping it
  • Investigated what different religions, cultures and beliefs currently make up Britain
  • Investigated how we are the same and how we are different
  • Discussed our 'rights and responsibilities'

We will also be designing and creating a 'Peace Garden' as we try to improve our current Environmental Area.

If YOU think you can help us in any way (particularly with the gardening / landscaping bit!) then please contact the school...we'd love to have you helping us! 


Following on from the success of the previous year, we decided to make a 'St George Project' an annual event. Having discovered that Mr David Cameron (Prime Minister) was going to be the leader of the G8 Summit; we decided to write letters to him to give him advice on how he could use his powers as G8 leader to end world hunger. The pupils also joined the 'What if' campaign, by coming up with lots of suggestions for ensuring that everyone in the world can have enough to eat. We got a reply back from Mr Cameron!


The concept of celebrating St George's Day with a special project, was first developed! We worked with the staff and children from Potterhanworth CE Primary School and Rev Jonnie. The Branston Junior pupils made the wall mural whilst the Potterhanworth children made puppets. Children from both schools went to Lincoln Cathedral and carried out a variety of activities...then on 23rd April we held a huge unveiling ceremony of the mural led by a Bishop, which was recorded by the local Radio and TV! It was all very exciting!!