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SATs Results

Our Year 6 pupils take part in the National SATs tests for Reading, Maths and SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar), every year. The children's writing is also assessed by their Class Teachers and in 2016 (and previously in 2012) these assessments were officially moderated as per usual guidlines.

In 2016 the new SATs tests were introduced, which means that children's attainment is no longer measured according to levels. The children are now given a 'scaled score' for Reading, Maths and SPAG, which correlates with their raw score. A scaled score of 100 or above is classed as 'age expected'. A scaled score of below 100 means the child has not achieved 'age excpected'.

In July 2016 the government produced the results of the SATs tests for each school, as well as the national results. I am extremely proud of our results, as despite the tests being even harder, our children have achieved above national - as they do every year.

The percentage of children achieving age expected in Reading, Writing and Maths was 62%; with National being 53%. The percentage of children achieving age expected in Reading was 68% compared to national of 66%. In Writing our percentage was 76% compared to a national of 74%. In Maths our percentage was 84% compared to national of 70% and in SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) it was 78% compared to national of 72%.

The average scaled score of our reading was 103, compared to the national figure of 103. Our average scaled score for Maths was 105, compared to national of 103 and our average scaled score for SPAG was 105, compared to national of 104. Our progress was +0.7 for Maths, -1.6 for Reading and -1.2 for Writing, compared to the National Floor of -5.0 for Maths, -5.0 for Reading and -7.0 for Writing.


Prior to 2016, the children were given levels in their SATs results. The following table shows the percentages of children achieving Level 4 or above (Level 4 is the level that the average Year 6 pupil achieves) and the percentages of children achieving Level 5; as well as the percentages of pupils making at least 2 Levels progress from their KS1 SATs tests (taken when they were 7 years old) to their KS2 levels.

The percentages that the children achieve always compare very favourably with both local and national percentages.

Subject Achievement 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015
Maths Level 4 or above 89% 95% 95%
Level 5 or above 58% 36% (7% L6) 64% (23% L6)
making expected progress (or more) 91% 95% 92% (46% more)
Reading Level 4 or above 92% 91% 97%
Level 5 or above 53% 57% 64%
making expected progress (or more) 80% 93% 92% (26% more)
Writing Level 4 or above 94% 84% 87%
Level 5 or above 42% 36% 46% (3% L6)
making expected progress (or more) 94% 91% 94% (26% more)

To find more information on Branston Junior Academy's performance, go to: 

Other Achievements 

We are proud of all the achievements of each and every one of our pupils and staff.  In particular, we offer our congratulations for the following recent successes: 

Years 3&4

·         1st in the Multi-Skills Tournament

·         2nd in the Swimming Gala (qualifying for the Winter School Games)

·         6th in the Winter Sainsbury’s Games and 1st for Sporting Values

Years 5&6

·         Reached the quarter finals of the Football LCFC tournament

·         1st and 3rd in the High 5 Netball tournament

·         3rd in the 5-A Side Football tournament

·         5th  in the Tag Rugby Tournament (qualifying for the Winter School Games)

·         3rd in the Large School Athletics tournament

·         2nd  High  5 Netball tournament (qualifying for the Winter School Games)

·         3rd in the Girls Football Tournament

·         3rd in the Boys Football Tournament

·         2nd place in the High 5 Netball (qualifying for the Winter School Games)

·         6th in the Swimming Gala (qualifying for the Winter School Games)

·         5th place in the Winter Sainsbury’s Games


Sport has become a major focus in our school and we ensure that pupils are aware of the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We were awarded Active Mark in 2009 and have continued to develop.  We offer a wide range of extra-curricular sports such as basketball, netball, tag rugby, football, street dance and athletics.  We also have strong links with other sports clubs in the community.

We compete in Local football and netball leagues as well as taking part in a number of competitions and tournaments which the children have had continuous success.

Dance, Drama, Music

Our Creative Arts activities have involved the children in a range of competitive and non-competitive events. Every year some of our pupils enter the Lincoln Music and Drama Festival as part of a band, a choir or a drama group; and we have several trophies and certificates to show how well we have done! We regularly hold concerts so that parents/carers can see just how talented we are.

All children learn how to use animation software and every year we enter into the LAFTAs, (Lincolnshire School Films Award as ‘Blue Jelly Studios’.   In 2010, one of our films won an award for ‘best in category’ and ‘best film overall’.  In 2011 three of our films were nominated and two of them won awards!

In 2013, the school was nominated for 3 categories, winning the ‘the Best Film’ in a Foreign Language’ which was presented by Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent.   In 2014, 2 films (including a staff film) won nominations.  They are available to view on Youtube as ‘Blue Jelly Studios’

In March 2015, Mr Simpson’s Drama Team won the award for best Primary Drama at the Lincoln Drama Festival for their original adaptation of ‘The Christmas Truce’ achieving an outstanding score of 90%.

Healthy School

As a culmination of many activities and events over the years, the Academy has been awarded the Healthy Schools Award in 2009, the ‘Food for Life’ Bronze Award in 2011 and the Eco Schools Bronze Award in 2010.                                                                                                                          

Working with the Community

The children love to support the community, be it locally - with school and community events; or nationally – by supporting national charities etc.  Many activities take place within the school, to promote the children’s awareness of the international community, of which they are a valuable member.  The school was awarded the Full International School’s Award in 2011 and was subsequently reaccredited in Summer 2014.  We are currently working on a project supported and partially funded by the British Council with a partner school in Bangladesh.