Branston Bees!

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Be respectful - be polite, listen to others and take care of property. 

Be kind and gentle - think about other people's feelings.

Be careful - make sure you are in a safe place and act in a safe manner.

Be responsible  - be sensible and take responsibility for your actions.

Be the best you can be - do your best in everything you do!








Children who work hard and show positive attitudes towards the Academy and the people who work there; are rewarded in the following ways:

  • merit and ‘good conduct’ certificates each week
  • certificates during end-of-term award ceremonies
  • house team points

Children who do not follow the Code of Conduct, will be given guidance and support by staff, to help them meet our expectations. Those children who persistently break the Code will be dealt with under the academy’s Behaviour and Discipline Policy. This policy uses a staged approach to the sanctions it applies to children whose behaviour is not acceptable. They range from loss of privileges for occasional lapses, to permanent exclusion for behaviour which regularly and significantly affects the running of the academy or which endangers the health and safety of those who work here.

The academy makes every effort to work closely with parents, to help their children understand the importance of good behaviour, positive attitudes to learning and the right of everyone in the school to do their work without interruption. We are sure that parents agree with and share these values and we ask all parents to endorse these expectations by going through the Code of Conduct and the Home/School Agreement with their child and by signing the Home/School Agreement.

Behaviour Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy

Home - School Agreement 

Freedom of Information Policy

Complaints Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy