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Extra-Curricular Activities

The academy offers a variety of opportunities outside normal teaching time; for children to develop their skills and interests and to enrich the curriculum. Ofsted inspectors praised the school’s “...good range of extra-curricular activities which are much appreciated by pupils and parents...”

The clubs and activities run before, during and after school. Some of them are run voluntarily by academy staff and some are led by outside agencies. Many of the clubs are free to join and participate in, as they are either led by academy staff or the academy pays for the outside agency. Others however, do have a participation fee.

Previous activities and clubs have included:

Netball, Band, Violin, Gymnastics, Football, Art, Ocarina, Swimming,Tennis, Tap Dance, Poi, Kickboxing, Guitar, Film-making, Garden Gang, Film Club, Saxophone, Judo, Street Dance, Clay Club Multi-Skills, Keyboard Club, Cyber Café and Knitting!

To find out what clubs are currently being offered, speak to any member of staff!


We now have a Maths Club focusing on Level 6 mathematics. Want to try a ks3 sats paper, then try this link to emaths!