Welcome to class Mars!


Summer Term

After having a relaxing (and what sounded an exciting from some children) Easter Break,we welcome the new term in with lots of exciting and busy events coming up! 

The topic this term will be AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS and Miss Tysoe is very excitied about this as she loves everything Geography! We will be learning about many countries across the world, but focusing on Phileas Fogg's hot air balloon journey in particular!  We can't wait to get started !!1


Spring Term

This term has been full of some SCRUMDIDDLYUMPCIOUS work - in true Willy Wonka style. 

The most exciting piece of work this term was inspired by our very own Willy Wonka - Mr Hanson, who visited us and set us the challenge to create and make our very own chocolate bar. After some yummy chocolate tasting (and prior experence!) we designed our own chocolate bars - from choosing ingredients; styling packing; designing an advertising poster, through to eventually making the bars.... here are a few examples:

 Miss Tysoe then picked her 'favourite' based on many aspects of our D&T project, such as: the ingredients we picked; our sales pitch; our packaging design and much more. The 3 picked will be sent to Mr Hansen and then he will produced  a winner from each class - which he will turn into a real chocolate bar!! Kimran, Braulio and George were our winners ....

We have also been trying our hand at some Quentin Blake art - we drew Mr Wonka, ourselves and one of our family members in the same style as Blake - we then water coloured them to match his technique too: 

Alongside 'having a go' at Quentin Blake's style we also took on the challenge of writing, Charlie and The Chocolate factory but focusing on Augutus instead - we spent a long time planning and drafting these pieces and everyone did a fantastic job - here are some examples of our first chapter (Though we ended up with 5)



Although, as a class, we are big fans of chocolate - we were unsure as to where chocolate came from and how it became the deliscious treat so we did some research and wrote an explanation text of how it gets from bean to bar...

In History we have also researched the,'History of Cadburys' and made a whole class timeline (as it was very long)...You can see a random collection of dates : 

Autumn Term

Hello and welcome back to the new school year. Mars class is a now a Yr5/6 class and Miss Tysoe is back in the classroom she first began in! Throughout the year we will be updating you on all of the exciting and interesting work we have done and hope you find it as fascinating !


In Science, we have been looking at classfications and life styles of animals, particularly focusing animals you would find by water.

We acted like dectectives, pretending we could see the animal through binoculars and has to classfify them and 


We have also been having a closer look at species in the ocean in Art and improving our brush stroke using water colour. We watched how an artist uses a paintbrush in different ways, then we chose an animal to paint....we think they turned out pretty well...