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Welcome to class Jupiter!

Summer term - Around the World in 80 Day

Yesterday, we celebrated our Around the World in 80 Days with our Wow Day. The children were involved in becoming a travel agent, having to use their budgeting skills to find the perfect holiday for different families. They also investigated whether hot air did rise by completing different investigations - which was great fun. The children also competed in a Geography quiz - a very exciting time with a closely run score which led to a tie-break between two teams. The winning team had to make the closest guess for the most recent population of the UK. The official number (according to the latest data) is 65,511,098. Both teams were incredibly close with estimates of 83,000,000 and 77, 439,812. Congratulations to the winning team and well done to everyone - your knowledge was fantastic.

Finally, they all had the opportunity to design and create their own hot air balloon -everyone worked really hard and they look amazing.

Below are a few photos from the day.

As part of our journey around the World, we have been looking at the book 'If the World were a Village'. It explains how our world is made up using 100 people to represent the world's population. Th echildren were given the information and had to create a data handling poster showing the information they learnt. Here is some of their work.


during the SATs week, our year 5's completed a mini project looking at the wolrd's continents.

Here are a couple of exmples.


As we leave behind Chocolate and the Aztecs, we look forward to Around the World in 80 Days. We began the year looking at a fast track classic of Jules Vernes 20,000 leagues under the sea, and we will be finishing the year looking at another of his classics 'Around the World in 80 Days'.

Below are a couple of displays, in preparation for the new term.

Congratulations to all from Class Jupiter for their efforts with their topic homework - yet again I was delighted with the efforts they made.

As part of our topic, we have looked at the History of Cadbury. We have all taken a small part of their history and created a timeline. We then put them together so that we had a timeline stretching form the 1800s up to 2015.

Here are some examples showing the development of Cadburys through the decades.










WOW! What a wow day! We have had a fun packed day today. It all started with a visit by a real-life WillyWonka -Mr Henson, who runs his own chocolate factory. We then had a chocolate tasting session where we evaluated appearence, smell, taste and texture. Following that we went into ICT na began our research on chocolate wrappers we liked, we then had to evaluate 5 chosen wrappers on our feelings towards the wrappers.

This afternoon, we have been carrying out a science investigation into which type of chocolate melts the fastest. See below photos of our day - amazing Quentin Blake art work to follow.

Happy New Year and welcome back to our new term.

Here we are as OOMPA LOOMPA's.

 This term we will be looking at Chocolate. We will be looking at the origins of the cocoa bean and its journey as well as where they come from. First we used an atlas to locate countires depednendent on their chocolate consumption.

We then went into the ICT suite and created a bar chart to show our results.

We are also using Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Greta Glass Elevator in our literacy. We read the firts chapter and then had to predict what we think will happen. We are using it as our class reader so we will find out if any of us were close.

We also have our wow day coming up when the children will be chocolate tasting and drawing in the style of Quentin Blake.


Well, it has to be said that Christmas is really feeling close now. The children in year 3/4 and 5/6 have been celebrating with their Christmas Party. In year 5/6, we have been playing Corners, Slosh, Horse and Jockey and Pass the Parcel. the children all behaved brilliantly and, as a result, eveyone has had a lovely afternoon. Class Jupiter have enjoyed a fabulous array of party food - thanks to everyone for contributing.  

As the term comes closer to the end, we can share some of the amazing art work we have been doin gover the past few weeks. Our focus this term has been printing. We began by using our finger prints and our hands to create a beautiful Autumn tree.


Next, we went on to produce our own printing templates using string. Here are some of ours.

We then used polystyrene tiles to create an underwater scene. Here are some of ours (after we had used the printing ink).


We then used printing ink to create some amazing artwork with both of our templates.


Welcome to our Autumn term, where our topic is Under the Sea. So far, we have looked at the different oceans of the world and identified them on a map. We then took our learning further and looked at longitude and latitude. We used these 'invisible lines' to locate different places around the world. We then looked at how to use contor lines to show us how high above sealevel the land is. 

In literacy, we are looking at a shipwreck scene. We have been developing our descriptive skills using thesaurus' to improve our vocabulary choices, personification and similes and metaphors to help create an image in the readers eyes.

A part of our metaphor work, one group worked together to create an xtended metaphor abut the sea.

Here it is: 

The Sea

The Sea is a shadowy hand,

grasping at everything in its path.

The first touch is an icy blast

that drags you further in.

The seaweed locks you into its tentacled trap.

The moon is its ruler - 

the tide is the slave.

The waves are white horses, And

the salt is the tears of the Earth. 


Fabulous work by the Ray Table. 

In science, we have been looking at animal clasifications including life cycles. Blowis some of the work the children have created so far.

The invertebrate ball is based on the Ugly Bug Ball and the children had to add their own verses based on the invertebrates


We have also looked at animalslife cycles and animals whcih could be located near to or in the sea.

We have alsobeen fortunate to be ableto watch the life cycle of a butterfly in action. We have watched them grow, turn into chrysalis and transform into butterflies. Watch this space - photos to follow.