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The academy was last inspected in March 2017 and  was again graded as 'GOOD'.



  • Pupil premium funding is allocated and monitored closely. The senior leader responsible has an excellent overview of how the funding is spent on each pupil and the strong impact it is having on their progress. Current assessment information provided by the school and work seen in books indicate that these pupils are making good progress in reading, writing and mathematics. Any pupils who are falling behind are identified quickly, and given the help they need.

  • The teaching of science is a strength. Work seen in books shows that pupils are developing their knowledge and understanding in a wide range of scientific topics. Pupils have many opportunities to make predictions and carry out investigations. For example, pupils in Years 5 and 6 recently investigated the question, ‘Do liquids with differing viscosity evaporate at different rates?’


  • You have ensured that teachers are checking the consistency of their assessment of pupils’ work every term. You are aware of the importance of also undertaking this moderation process with other schools, to make sure that the assessments teachers make are accurate.


  • Teaching assistants are generally deployed well across the school. They support pupils of all abilities in a wide range of subjects. Consequently, pupils are given the support they need to help them reach their full potential.


  • Pupils enjoy the responsibility of being elected to the school council and becoming house captains. Others become junior road safety officers and lead safety assemblies, reminding pupils to ‘be bright, be seen’ outside when it is dark.


  • Pupils enjoy the wide range of extra-curricular clubs that are on offer. These include street dance, taekwondo, orchestra, bench ball, athletics and art. Pupils also relish the opportunities to attend residential activities at Rand Farm and Low Mill.


  • Parents are kept well informed of the school and its work through its website, frequent letters, newsletters, Twitter and Facebook. Parents receive detailed end-of-year reports that outline pupils’ attainment and progress and give targets for future improvement.


  • Parents with whom I spoke before school and those that responded to the Ofsted questionnaire, Parent View, are overwhelmingly supportive of the school. They say that children are safe, happy and are making good progress. One parent told me, ‘I have found this school to be first class.’

Ofsted Report 2017

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Information on Branston Junior Academy, from the Department for Education website.

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