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Mercury Class - Autumn 2016

We have had a busy term learning about life 'Under The Sea'.  We have learnt about the names of the different seas and oceans, how geographers find different places on the planet and what lives at different depths of the sea.  Pupils have visited 'The Deep' in cultural Hull, and researched about some of the creatures they saw there.

The term has ended with some oustanding homework (see below) showing of the individual effort and imagination that they have put in.  Thanks to all who helped at home!

Spring Term

January kicked off with a brand new topic 'CHOCOLATE'.  Pupils lookedat the countries where chocolate, or rather cocao beans, come from and tracked how the beans travel and are traded from being pods on the trees to the sweet treats that we all love so well.  They also studied how chocolate arrived in this country and how it developed from a bitter drink to the sugary bars we have now.  The people at Cadbury's challenged them to create a pack design and persuasive poster for the 'Cosmic' bar, which inspired a couple of our class to visit 'Cadbury World' during their half-term.

One of the most exciting parts of the term has been Design & Technology where pupils have had the opportunity to test their own taste in chocolate, develop a new recipe, create persuasive advertising and eventually create their own yummy chocolate bars!  Thank you to family for acting as 'guinea pigs' and sending us back your opinions on the bars - we hope that your teeth survived.  We clearly have some future chocolatiers in the room; the 3 best recipes have been passed on to Mr Hansen to be made in his chocolate workshop.

Josh Wonka and Nicole Cadbury at work...






To keep everything blanced, Mercury Class have also been taking part in the 'Fitness Challenge' which involved 45 minutes of testing exercise.  As you can see from the photographs, they had to run. jump, hop, climb and balance.  It was great to see the enthusiasm over the weks as individuals tried to beat their previous scores and learnt just what they were capable of (remember - don't give up!)  We hope to continue this theme as lessons move outside as the seasons change.

Pupils have enjoyed being taught by a new (and much younger) face as Miss Taylor took firm control of the class.  Despite having to teach in the hall for a few weeks, she has don a great job and her dance skills were a great asset both in class and during Streetdance.  We all hope that you continue to enjoy your teaching at Washingborough Academy.  We welcome to new pupils to our class - just in time for our fabulous 'Roald Dahl' assembly.


Summer Term

Summer is here and many minds start to think about holidays...just in time for our topic on 'Around the World in 80 Days'.  In Mercury Class, we have been watching the animated version of the famous story and using maps and atlases to locate the countries to which the brave travellers have journeys.  Pairs have then chosen their own country to reasearch, leading to a presentation to the rest of the class next term.  Countries chosen include Mexico, Japan and South Africa.

As part of the 'Our World In Words' project, Mr Simpson took a rest for a morning as Mercury class were taught by teachers from Poland, Guadeloupe and Sicily.  They learnt a great deal about the culture and teaching styles of the different countries... and had fun in the process.

Guadan TeachersPolish TeachersWOW Day meant balloon making using paper shades and tissue paper.  There were some really impressive and well put together designs with Mia and Scarlett's being chosen as the best.

Nicole BalloonMia's Balloon

On Wednesday afternoons we are learning all about British artists who have influenced the way people sketch, paint and sculpt.  After Beryl Cook, we have discussed the work of Yorkshire-born artist David Hockney and creted our own photomontage (of Nicole) and landscape paintings.

PhotomontageHiockney Landscape

There will be more as the term this space!