Welcome to the Neptune Class page where we will share the fantastic work and exciting experiences that we will be undertaking throughout the year!

Spring Term

Since returning from our Christmas break, Neptune class have been busy with our new topic 'Chocolate'.  We have been investigating where chocolate comes from and mapping information to show which countries have the largest chocolate consumption:

We have been looking at the 'Timeline of Chocolate' to understand where the chocolate we know today originated from:

We also looked at how chocolate is made today, from 'Bean to Bar', by retelling the story of the cocoa bean:

Design and Technology has been very exciting this term.  We have been chocolate tasting and assessing different varieties of chocolate to find our favourite:

...and we were lucky enough to have a visit from a real-life 'Willy Wonka' when Mr Hansan, a local chocolate manufacturer, came to visit and set the children the challenge of designing and making their very own chocolate bar.  He will be choosing the best three designs from across the school and making them in his factory!  The children's designs were amazing!

Neptune Class Chocolate Bars

In maths, we have been exploring measures: length, weight, capacity, time and temperature.  We carried out a sorting activity to explore which objects and vocabulary belonged to which group.  We have been using IT to test our measures knowledge and have been estimating, weighing and comparing different types of chocolate - a hard job, but one which did not go unrewarded!


In PHSE this term, we are discussing how we can get along together and what to do if, on occasion, we do fall out. In the 'Spider's Web' activity, the children explored how we are all connected in one way or another, by discovering our common interests.


In art, we have been looking at and imitating the style of illustration adopted by Quentin Blake, the illustrator for the most recent editions of Roald Dahl stories.

World Book Day

The children had a great time celebrating 'World Book Day'!  Our focus this year was 'favourite bedtime stories' so it seemed quite apt that we al came in wearing a PJs accompanied by a favourite bedtime teddy!


Autumn Term

Throughout the Autumn term, Neptune Class have been busy learning the school routine as well as getting to know each other.  We have been working hard and produced some excellent work, incorporating our topic theme 'Under the Sea'.  The children produced some amazing dioramas of under the sea scenes!


In maths, we have been recognizing number sequences and the patterns within them then challenging each other to spot patterns within a given number sequence! 





In English we have been focusing on 'Traditional Tales'.  Lessons on the story of 'The Fisherman and his Wife' produced some amazing work from in-depth character descriptions to dramatic 'freeze frame' role play!


In Science, we have been investigating what effect different liquids we drink might have on our teeth.  This led to a very EGGciting EGGperiment where we used egg shells to replace the enamel on our teeth and observed what effect different liquids have on them!

Over the course of the term, the class took part in some exciting activities.  Our class put on a fantastic performance of 'The Great Big Enormous Turnip' at the Harvest Festival in the village church, took part of a whole-school trip to 'The Deep', as part of our 'Under The Sea' topic work and had a very exciting time at the School Halloween Disco!