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Ahoy Me Hearties!!

Welcome to the Summer Term in Neptune!  We are having lots of fun exploring our new topic:  Pirates.

We have designed our own treasure maps.  The children had a great time choosing the key features of their map and deciding where X would mark the spot! We are really proud of how they have turned out.



One of the best days so far this week has been our WOW day!  A life-size T-Rex visited school and caused mayhem as well as lots of giggles.

We also all had the chance to unearth dinosaur fossils:

In Neptune class we have been really loving our topic which is all about dinosaurs, extinction and pre-history.  

The children have been brilliant and brought in a whole range of different books all linked to dinosaurs!  We've enjoyed fact books, dinosaur memory games, poems about dinosaurs, lift-the-flap books, Top Trumps about dinosaurs and funny stories - about dinosaurs!  What a great selection of books to share!

We really enjoyed learning about tectonic plates and how their movement creates mountains and volcanoes.  
We used Oreo biscuits (yes really!) to mimic the different type of plate movements:

Look at Harry's and George's work which illustrate the different type of plate boundaries.


Volcanoes are amazing!  We have found out where they are mainly found around the world.   The ring of fire sounds like a dangerous place to live!

Isabel completed some lovely illustrations to show how volcanoes are formed.


We know that earthquakes are also caused by the movements of the tectonic plates.  We learnt that they can be hardly noticable at all or that they can be totally devastating.
We spent some time finding out about earthquakes using a variety of sources: information books, videos, power point presentations and iPads.
Aoife and Edward completed a lot of research:









We have also started to look at Stone Age life.  We had quite a lot of fun sending messages using cave drawings!  Can you work out what Theodor is telling you about his day as it might be as a Stone Age boy? 








Mrs James and Mrs Simpson are busy moving 'house' all the way from Venus to Neptune (we wonder whether anyone can tell us how far that is galactically?).

Image result for venus to neptune


All the table and chairs are in place, but the walls and cupboards are in the middle of a spring clean (it's amazing what's lurking in there)!  Luckily our own children have willingly (!) come into school with us, to help us to start to get organised ready for September.

As you all know our topic for September is 'Space', so it would be great if the chidlren could come to school armed with space facts.  During the first couple of weeks we will be looking at the 'Space Race' between the USA and the then USSR.  

Maybe you could tell us why this little mongrel dog was sooooooooo important?

Soviet space dog Laika - Stock Image

When the classroom is a little more organised, we will put up some photographs for you!

Enjoy the summer holidays.

Here are some photographs of the classroom: all ready for the new term!

First of all the reading corner:


And a display of the work the chidlren did on 'Change-Over' day!