08 May 2020

The Government have changed the bank holiday (instead of a Monday) to today, for this year! Don't get caught out, as BJA will be closed on this day! 

11 May 2020 to 15 May 2020
Year 6 SATs Week

18 May 2020 to 20 May 2020
Year 6 Bikeability

This year, we are reverting back to DIY cycle proficiency....the cost of buying in a company, seems too much for what you get. Therefore, nearer to the time, I will be asking for parental/family volunteers to come and help me lead three morning session of bikeability with the interested Year 6 children. The sessions are all planned out and I've taught it for many years (in previous schools).

05 June 2020
Internal Sports Day

Disucss, long jump, running, javelin,,,,all children participate in events to earn poitns for their houses! These points then add onto the second Sports Day event which parents are invited to attend.

08 June 2020 to 12 June 2020
Book Fair this week

More information will follow, nearer to the time.

08 June 2020 to 26 June 2020
Online Y4 times table test

During 2019/2020, the Government trialled an online times table test for all Year 4 children. Some of our pupils took the test. 

From 2020 onwards, the test is statutory. It has to be taken during a three week period. As one of those weeks is our 'Low Mill/Outdoor Activity' week, we will either choose a time in the week before or the week after, for your child to take the test. 

It looks similar to 'Time Table Rockstar' and is simply 25 times table questions flashed up onto a screen, and the children have several seconds to work out the answer and type it in.

09 June 2020
Y3/4 Coffee Morning (9.30-10.30am)

Our Year 3/4 children wil llead this Coffee Morning - they will be the waiters and waitresses and provide the entertainment. Parents / family members of all Y3/4 are invited to come along. (Be prepared to drink lots of tea and coffee....our waiters and waitresses are very keen to serve you!!)

12 June 2020
Sports Day (all afternoon)

Parents and family members are welcome to come along and cheer on their children at our Sports Day. [Pleae note, if this event is cancelled due to bad weather, we endeavour to find another date for the event and invite parents. If the second date is cancelled due to bad weather, we simply ask that all children have their PE kits in school at all times and we hold it when we can, but then don't invite parents.]

15 June 2020 to 19 June 2020
Low Mill / Outdoor Activity Week

Whilst many of our Year 6 pupils go on residential to Low Mill (in Yorkshire) for the week; the whole school moves into their houses and spends every day taking part in a whole variety of activities (mostly outdoors!). More detailed information will be sent out nearer to the time.

22 June 2020
Lincoln Concert Orchestra rehearsal with BJA musicians

More information will be sent out nearer to the time

26 June 2020
All end-of-year reports out to parents

29 June 2020
Lincoln concert orchestra rehearsal with BJA musicians

More information will be sent out nearer to the time

30 June 2020
Changeover Day

Our Y6 go to Branston Community Academy for the day, the Year 2 children visit BJA for the day...andeveryone moves into their new class for the day.

30 June 2020
Year 2 Parents Information Session

Come and find out about the school and meet your child's class teacher.

02 July 2020
Parents Evening (drop-in) 3.30-5.30pm

No appointments necessary.

06 July 2020
Lincoln Concert Orchestra and BJA Musicians Performance

Having practised for many months, the Lincoln Concert Orchestra play with our musicians at a fantastic event! More information will be sent out nearer to the time.

07 July 2020
Year 5/6 Production 2pm and 6pm

09 July 2020
Year 5/6 Performances 2pm and 6pm

15 July 2020
Summer Fair (Straight after school)

17 July 2020
Children in Charge Day

One of the children get voted in to be the headteacher for the day. They choose the overall theme for the day and the lessons that the teachers will teach.

17 July 2020
Leavers event in the evening

The Year 6 usually go bowling in the evening....however more information will be sent out nearer to teh time.

21 July 2020
Leaver's Assembly 10am

21 July 2020
last day of term 6