Parental Involvement

We believe that children achieve their best, as a result of a strong partnership between the academy and parents. We value the encouragement that parents give their children and the interest they show in the work their children do. We have produced a Home/School Agreement which summarises the expectations and responsibilities of the child, the parents and the academy, which all parties are asked to sign.

We know that children do not stop learning at the end of a school day; and that when parents get involved in exciting 'learning activities' during the evenings, weekends and school holidays; children's skills are developed quicker.....therefore we have included some information on this website to help you know how best you can help your children:

You can find more information in the 'Children' section of this website; on the separate 'Maths Support' and 'English Support' pages.

Parent’s Evenings

Each term the academy is open to parents to come along to see their children’s work and to discuss their child's progress with the class teacher. We hope all parents will use these evenings to visit the school. Such visits are of great importance to the children and help strengthen the feeling of partnership between school and parents.

Academy contacting Parents

The academy uses various methods to keep in contact with parents:

  • Letters are usually sent out via email, unless there is a reply slip attached, in which case these will be sent out in paper form. We would also send out paper copies of letters from other establishments such as holiday clubs run by external providers etc.
  • We use this website for general information and dates of all events.
  • Facebook and Twitter are used to celebrate achievements and for short reminders about special events.
  • We use texting only for emergencies (such as school closure in bad weather)

If you wish to use the above systems fully, please ensure the school has an up-to-date email address and mobile phone number.

Classroom Support

The teachers at the academy are always very glad of extra help in the classroom, particularly in practical activities or in accompanying the children on school visits. If any parent is interested in such activities and can spare some time each week on a regular basis, please contact the headteacher or the appropriate class teacher.


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